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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tom Cruise is a popular ctor from America. He has been known worldwide. Of couse he had starred various titles of movies, especilaly for the action genre. Some of his popular movies included The Last Samurai, Oblivion, Mission Impossible, Far and Away, etc. In 2014, he took a main role in a movie “the edge of tomorrow”. He played alongside a beautiful actress, Emily Blunt.

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery before and After`

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery before and After

Talking about his appearance, some people are discussing about Tom Cruise plastic surgery possibility. Based on some information, it seems Cruise had done some procedures to enhance his look. Botox, fillers, nose job and teeth surgery were mentioned as procedures that change his look.

Botox and fillers injection

Botox injection is quite popular today. Many celebrities male or female had gone under botox injection. They wished to have better look by removing some signs of aging.

Tom Cruise may have botox too. And the sign of the botox was seen clearly from his face. He got lack of wrinkles. As the result, Tom Cruise looks younger than his own age. You know that Cruise is 54 years old now. But his appearance looks 25 years younger. He must be very confident.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon also agreed about botox. The doctor noticed the procedure in Cruise’ Face. However, Cruise need to be aware. Because botox could give a bad impact when it was overdone.

His latest appearance, in 2016, Cruise looks having too much botox injection. You might feel a bit uncomfortable when looking at him, His face looks a bit frozen.

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Tom Cruise Nose Job and teeth surgery

The other surgeries that can be seen obviously were the teeth and the nose job. If you take a look at his before and after picture, you can find it easily. About the teeth, Cruise used to have bad teeth. But now, the bad teeth no longer appeared. It seems the dentist has refined his teeth perfectly.

The change on his nose was also an indication of rhinoplasty. Compared to his old nose, the new one looks having slimmer and straighter shape.

Tom Cruise is one of many actors who had gone under the knife.  He might feel grateful tht he was still recognizable. But he need to stop te botox usage before it was too late.

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