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Televangelist, Rexella van Impe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Many of you might know Rexella van Impe. She is an American Televangelist. She is quite popular in America, she has been being a televangelist for decades. She has been 85. But her appearance looks so tight and fresh. She didn’t look like a common 80 years old woman.  In this case, a lot of people do believe that she has rejuvenated her face with plastic surgery. The common procedures like facelift and botox may have big role.

Rexella van Impe Plastic Surgery Facelift

Rexella van Impe Plastic Surgery Facelift

Rexella van Impe facelift and botox injection

Botox and facelift are no longer new thing. It has been used by many popular people even from the common, artists, celebrities, politicians, etc. Rexella’s appearance has become the people attention due to her fresh face. Some of them even wondered why  televangelist would do such thing.

You can see Rexella van Impe before and after pictures. She got a very tight skin. This should be the effect of facelift. It’s too good to have tight facial skin in that age. She didn’t have any clear sagging skin. In this case, the speculation of Rexella van Impe facelift is hard to be denied.

The sign of botox was also seen from her current face. This should be the reason why she didn’t have any wrinkles left on her face. The botox should have removed them.

Rexella has not confirmed anything about it. Some people even think that Rexella did surgery to keep her appearance great in front of camera and viewers.

What do you think of Rexella van Impe facellift and botox? Did she really need it? leave your comment in the available box.

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