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Running Man Ace, Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Denied

South Korea is quite popular in this decade after declaring the K-Pop wave to the world. Many people in the world especially Asia, has got addicted with Korean style. One of TV Program that’s quite popular around the world is Running Man. Beautiful actress, Song Ji Hyo is known as Running Man Ace.

Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Rumor

Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Rumor

Korea is not only popular for the K-Pop. Korea was also known for the plastic surgery activity. Many people in this country had gone under the knife. And Korea has high rate of successful plastic surgery. In this case, many fans wondered if the celebrities had tried this as well.

Song Ji Hyo was also reported having plastic surgery to enhance her look. And the thread of Song Ji Hyo plastic surgery is quite warm and debatable. Based on the speculation Ji Hyo may  hav a nose job and eyelid surgery. However, few months ago, Song Ji Hyo plastic surgery was denied. It was shown in one of Running Man show. Dr. Kim Jong Myeong was on the same show to explain it.

Song Ji Hyo Nose Job and eyelid surgery

In a segment, all the members of Running Man face Dr. Kim Jong Myeong (Jong Kook’s brother). Ji Suk Jin asked if Ji Hyo got her nose done. Ji Hyo calmly answer that her nose was natural. She even let Ji Suk Jin touched her nose.

Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Rumor

Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Rumor

Further, the eyelid surgery speculation was also denied. Dr. kim Jong Myeong stated that Ji Hyo’s eyes were natural. Ji Hyo has natural eyes.

Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Rumor

Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Rumor

This running man show has solved the mystery of Song Joi Hyo plastic surgery. This proved that Ji Hyo got natural appearance without any beauty enhancements. She might be very pleased about it.

What do you think of Song Ji Hyo plastic surgery? Leave your comment in the available box.

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