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Robin Meade Plastic Surgery Before and After

Robin Meade is known well as the lead anchor of HLN’s Morning Show, “Morning Express with Robin Meade”. She joined HLN in 2001. Don’t you know that she was former Miss Ohio?

Robin Meade is a talented and attractive woman. Even though she is not celebrity, she is quite popular.She was even voted by playboy magazine as “the sexiest newscaster”. You can see that she got a very hot body figure.

robin meade plastic surgery before and after

robin meade plastic surgery before and after

Recently, she became the people’s attention. Some news reported that she had gone under the knife as beauty enhancements.  Was Robin Meade plastic surgery true?

Based on some news, it seems she had gone under breast implants and botox too. Surprisingly, in her latest look, Robin Meade boobs turned smaller.

Botox injection

Considering from her appearance and age, it seems the usage of botox injection was not too surprising. She might need it. Because she is getting older. Robin Meade has been over 40. She is 47 years old now. She may get botox in order to keep her appearance young and fresh. Robin’s current look is so youthful. There’s no wrinkles or lines left on her face. The botox might have controlled the aging problem very well. She looks 15 years younger.



Breast Implants or Breast Reduction?

If you take a look at the picture above, you might realize something. The size of her boobs changed right? Earlier some medias reported that she had gone under boob job (breast implants). Robin Meade breast implants had become warm topic. However. it was still debatable. Robin herself has not confirmed anything about it.

More surprisingly. her current appearance looks different. Some people noticed that she had breast reduction. Some sources even believed that she had removed the implants from her boobs.

It’s so unfortunate that the sexy newscaster has no desire to expain about it yet. So, What do you think of Robin Meade plastic surgery? Did she really get that stuff?


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