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Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery Before and After

Robert Downey Jr is quite popular actor. And he is known best for starring a Marvel Super Hero Movie, Iron-Man. As a fictional character, Iron-Man, he also appeared in Avengers and Captain America.

Robert Downey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Robert Downey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Talking about his appearance, Robert Downey was also reported as one of the actors who went under beauty enhancements.  It was considered from his age and the appearance. Even though he is 51, he still looks fresh and youthful.

Reported in Makemeheal, The star may get benefit from the botox injection. As you know that the usage of botox is no longer new thing in entertainment industry. Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson, Axl Rose, etc. were on the list.

It won’t be too surprising if Robert did it too. This should be reasonable for his smooth look. The botox must have removed the wrinkles from his face. That’s why he looks 10 years younger than his own age.

A plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn has noticed the sign of botox on his face. And the doctor did believe that Robert laser treatment to keep his skin fresh. Fortunately, the doctor explained that Robert Downey has not done any other major plastic surgery.

The botox should be enough to rejuvenate his look. As the result he looks so cool even though he is getting older. It was not overdone. However, he needs to control the botox for sure, or something bad could happen. We hope that he will stay naturally from now on. Plastic Surgery is not the last solution.

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