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Patricia Arquette Plastic Surgery Before and After

Patricia Arquette is one of the most successful actress. Her latest achievement was the award in 2015. She got an Oscar as the best supporting actress. Thanks to Boyhood (2014). She played the role very well. And many people thought that she deserved to get the award.

In an interview, Patricia feel glad that she ages gracefully. Even though she is nearly 50, she still looks beautiful and fresh. This factor is one of the main reason why she is still active in entertainment industry.Due to her fresh and beautiful look, she can’t avoid some rumors about Patricia Arquette Plastic surgery. Some sources told if she may have botox injection or facelift to keep her face youthful. However, it was denied. Reported in Salon.com, a source stated that Patricia has no plastic surgery during 12 years in film project.

Patricia Arquette Plastic Surgery Before and After

Patricia Arquette Plastic Surgery Before and After

The botox injection possibility

As everybody knows, botox injection is not a new thing in celebrity worlds. Many celebrities had gone under the knife to keep their appearance younger. Some of them even got major plastic surgery to get perfect look. Nose job, boob job, facelift, botox are some popular procedures.

Considering from her age and appearance, the speculation about botox was reasonable. Patricia got a very smooth look without any wrinkles or lines on her face. Therefore, the people believe that the botox was the main factor of her younger face.

What do you have in mind about Patricia Arquette plastic surgery? leave your opinion in the available box.


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