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Naomi Watts Plastic Surgery Before and After

Who doesn’t know Naomi Watts. She is a very talented and attractive British actress. Naomi is also known for hr beautiful look. You might remember how pretty she was when starring a 2005 movie, King Kong. Many people are wondering about the secret of beauty. Some of them even believe that Naomi had gone under beauty enhancements. As you know that she is 48 years old. 2 years ahead she is gonna be half of century.

Naomi Watts Plastic Surgery before and after

Naomi Watts Plastic Surgery before and after

Seeing from her current appearance, the speculation about Naomi Watts plastic surgery is quite reasonable. She got a flawless look without too much aging problem. Did she get beautiful gene? or Doctor’s help?

Did Naomi Watts Have Plastic Surgery?

Considering from her look and the age, she may get at least botox injection. These procedures have been used by many celebrities in fighting the aging. It won’t be too surprising if Naomi get it. However, Naomi herself had denied the speculation.  It was in 2014. Reported by Express (UK), Naomi stated that she was enjoying her natural beauty without any surgery work. she had no intention to do surgery like many other celebrities. But she won’t deny if in the future she will reconsider to get plastic surgery.

The botox injection

having botox injection is no longer new thing among the celebrities, It has been used by them in order to refresh their look. This procedure might have been done by Naomi too. Her current appearance looks so fresh without any wrinkles. The botox should be the main reason behind it. She looks too good for a woman over 40.

However, her smooth face looks so natural. It made another opinion that she was blessed with very good gene. Beside the botox, some people guessed if she did mini-facelift too. What do you think of it? Was Naomi Watts plastic surgery true?


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