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Mira Sorvino Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mira Sorvino is one of surprising American actresses. She won the Academy Award and Golden Globe for her excellent performance in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite (1995). She won the best supporting actress. In 2015, she played alongside young actress of Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson, in Chloe and Theo.

Talking about Mira’s appearance, she was actually listed among the celebrities who went under the knife. Based on the news spread, it seems she had multiple procedure to enhance her facial look. Those procedures included nose job and botox. Further, there was also an indication of breast implants.

Mira Sorvino Plastic surgery

Mira Sorvino Plastic surgery

Mira Sorvino Nose Job and Botox

Comparing the before and after picture above, you will see the significant change on her face, especially the shape of her nose. You might realize that Mira Sorvino used to have a bit wider nose. Mira Sorvino nose job made it a bit straighter than before. The tip of her nose look smaller too. Do you think that it was a make up? Or doctor’s help?

Besides, the botox injection should be the most reasonable thing which remove the wrinkles and lines from her face. She looks so smooth. It looks too good for a woman who is nearly 50. Mira Sorvino is 48 years old now. More over, the usage of botox has been so popular lately. It has been very easy to get. Many actors and actresses had tried using botox to keep them away from signs of aging.

Mira Sorvino Plastic Surgery before and After

Mira Sorvino Plastic Surgery before and After

Mira Sorvino Boob Job

breast implant is another major plastic surgery that she probably did. And the result of the boob job can be seen in the picture above. It looks very obvious. Her current boobs look much fuller and tighter than before. She might believe to have big boobs was a confidence booster.

What do you have in mind about Mira Sorvino plastic surgery? She has changed significantly. Did she really need them?

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