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Minzy 2NE1 Plastic Surgery Before and After

Now, let’s see another popular 2NE1 member. Minzy 2NE1 Plastic Surgery is not a new story. Some medias had already reported about it. The 22 years old singer was reported having a nose job. And this case has been admitted by Minzy.

Minzy 2NE1 Plastic Surgery Before and After

Minzy 2NE1 Plastic Surgery Before and After nose job

Minzy is the youngest member of 2NE1. As you know Park Bom and Sandara Park are 32 years old, while CL is still 25. Even though, she is still 22, Minzy had admitted having nose job. Minzy 2NE1 nose job was seen clearly in the before and after picture. Her current nose looked having slimmer and straighter nose. As you see, she used to have bigger and wider nose when she was young.

She stated that the nose job was done for health reason.But the people didn’t think of the same way. They did believe that the health was not the only reason. She might also do it to get perfect nose. Some report even mentioned if Minzy did it more than once.

Did she get another plastic surgery?

A source told about the jaw surgery. Because her jaw looks more “V”. But it was still debatable. She herself has not confirmed anything about the jaw work.

nose job is quite popular in Korea, a big name like Lee Jong Suk, who recently appeared in “W”, also got nose job (rhinoplasty). You might read about Lee Jong Suk plastic surgery.

Even though plastic surgery is very popular in Korea with high successful rate, most of Korean celebrities has no desire to share it. Minzy is just one of few stars who admitted having plastic surgery. What do you think of Minzy plastic surgery before and after? Leave your comment in the available box

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