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Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery Before and after

Michael Douglas is a popular veteran actor. You might also know him as Catherine Zeta Jones’ husband. He had starred various title of movies, including Wall Street, The American President, The War of the Roses, etc. In 2015, he also took a big role in a Marvel Super Heroes movie, Ant-man.

Now, Michael Douglas has been 71 years old. Due to his smooth look, many people and medias assumed that Michael had done some beauty enhancements for his face. It seems the facelift and botox has been done.

Michael Douglas plastic Surgery

Michael Douglas plastic Surgery

Michael Douglas facelift and botox

Facelift and botox injection has been known as one of favorite combination among the celebrities. Many of them did this combination in order to keep their younger appearance.

Michael Douglas may have those as well. It was seen clearly from his face. He got younger appearance, even though her age is no longer young.

Michael Douglas facelift

Michael Douglas facelift

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His face looks tight and fresh. He didn’t have any clear signs of aging. The botox might have removed the wrinkles on her forehead. While the facelift should be the main reason why his face has no sagging skin.  His current appearance looks too fresh for common 70 years old men. That’s why Michael Douglas plastic surgery is not only a pure speculation.

A plastic surgeon shared his opinion related to Michael Douglas before and after look. Dr. Toby Meyer, a plastic surgery expert fro California noticed the work of plastic surgery on Michael’s face. He did believe that Michael Douglas was helped by doctor to keep his face youthful.

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