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Liam Neeson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Who doesn’t know Liam Neeson? He is quite popular for his role in some movies as a secret agent, or veteran army. And he looks great in his trilogy movies, Taken. Due to hid performance in Taken, he was also chosen as a star for COC (Clash of Clan) ads.

Liam neeson plastic surgery before and after photo

Liam neeson plastic surgery before and after photo

Mr. Neeson is 64 years old now. He is not young anymore. But his appearance still looks fresh and strong. Some medias reported that the actor had gone under a cosmetic surgery, botox injection. Liam Neeson plastic surgery through botox has been discussed in some forums. In fact, this case is no longer new thing. Few years ago, the topic about Liam Neeson plstic surgery has become a plastic surgeon’s attention.

Dr. Ramtin Kassir did believe that Mr. neeson had botox injection. He said,

“It looks like botox has smoothed out Liam’s worry line”

How if ytou see Liam Neeson before and after picture. You might realize it too. Liam Neeson appeared with  very smooth look. He didn’t have much wrinkles despite his old age. It might be true that the botox had removed the wrinkles from his face. As the result, Liam looks having very smooth forehead.

Liam neeson plastic surgery

Liam neeson plastic surgery

Did he get another major surgery?

We actually don’t see any other major procedure. He just did botox injection regularly. He might just focus on his aging problem. However, he still need to control the botox usage. He may never wish to get plastic usrgery gone wrong, right? (Read also about AXL Rose plastic surgery gone wrong)

What do you think of Lima Neeson plastic surgery? Did he really need botox injection?

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