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Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly Ripa is an American actress and a host too. She is quite popular for starring a soap opera in 1990-2002, All My Children. Now she has been 45 years old. How does she look like today? Kelly Ripa keeps her beauty nicely. she didn’t look like common 45 years old women. She looks 10 years younger.

kelly ripa plastic surgery

kelly ripa plastic surgery

In this case, many people believed that she has gone under some procedures. It was seen from her younger look. For her face she may have at least botox injection.

Kelly Ripa botox injection

The usage of botox injection is no longer new thing in America, especially the celebrities. Moreover, they have no problem about the high cost. They can afford it. Commonly the botox can keep them away from the signs of aging.

Kelly Ripa may have the Botox as well. You can see the effect of botox from her face. She doesn’t have clear wrinkles. It should have been removed by the botox regularly.

Some sources told that Kelly Ripa had already admitted having botox injection. And she was a woman who open to plastic surgery. however she has not confirmed anything about these procedures.

Kelly Ripa Nose Job

You may have an opinion of the nose change. Compared to her previous nose. The new one looks more refine. The bridge of the nose looked straighter too. It should be the hep of the doctor.  Dr. David Shafer did agree about Kelly Ripa nose job. The procedure reconstructed her nose. It was done well. Did she need a nose job?

Kelly Ripa Boob Job

Kelly Ripa Boob Job

Kelly Ripa Breast Reduction

Kelly Ripa Breast Reduction

Kelly Ripa boob job and breast reduction

Beside the nose job, Kelly Ripa also got something done on her breasts. The size of her boobs increase and decrease. She may have already tried, breast implants and breast reduction. The above pictures showed them. Not many celebrities did both breast implants and reduction, Kelly Ripa might be one of the celebrities who did those.

What do you think of Kelly Ripa plastic surgery?

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