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Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kate Garry Hudson is a 37 years old American actress. And she is also Goldie Hawn’s daughter. Kate is a beautiful and talented actress, She even won a Golden Globe in 2000 for playing Penny Lane in Almost famous. Now 17 years has past since she won the award. Kate has grown up. Her appearance looks a bit different. Certainly, she was listed among the celebrities who went under the knife. Don’t you know that Kate’s mother, Goldie Hawn also did surgery? Was she inspired from her mom?

Kate Hudson Nose job

Kate Hudson Nose job

Many American celebrities had gone under the knife. Among the plastic surgery procedures, the nose job is quite popular. Kat Hudson did it as well. You can see the change of her nose in the pictures.

Kate Hudson Nose job and boob job

Talking about Kate and her nose, she possibly got a minor work. Kate just did a little change. Compared to her previous nose, the new one looks a bit more pointed. And the bridge got slimmer shape. The nose job had reconstructed her nose. Fortunately it didn’t change her look too much. She is still recognizable.

Kate Hudson plastic surgery boob job

Kate Hudson plastic surgery boob job

Further, there was also a sign of boob job (breast implants). Kate’s new boobs looked bigger now. While she used to have flat chest. Some people thought if Kate Hudson boob job had boosted her confidence as an actress. And the new nose did it too.

Kate Hudson botox injection

another procedure that might be done was botox injection. This should be the reason why she got a flawless face without wrinkles or lines appear. Many other celebrities had done botox. If Kate did it too, it won’t bee too surprising.

What do you think of Kate Hudson plastic surgery?

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