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Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kareena Kapoor is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood. She got pretty face and sexy body too. She is currently 35 years old. She has been in India’s entertainment industry for years. In fact, many people noticed that she has changed a lot. It’s not only caused by the age. They do believe that Kareena has done some beauty enhancements. Kareena Kapoor plastic surgery news is hard to deny.

Kareena Kapoor plastic surgery

Kareena Kapoor plastic surgery

Kareena Kapoor nose job

The speculation about Kareena Kapoor plastc surgery on her nose is actually still debatable. She herself has not confirmed abything about it. But you might realiza it as well. You can see that her current nose looks a  bit different from before. Her current nose looked having straighter and slimmer shape. It looks more pointed now. The people are pretty sure about the rhinoplasty. The procedure should have reconstructed the nose.

Kareena Kapoor breast implants

Kareena Kapoor breast implants

Kareena Kapoor boob job

Now, take a look at the shape of her boobs. based on the news spread, it seems she had gone under boob job. Kareena breasts looks bigger now.  The pictures showed that Kareena Kapoor breast implants looks obvious.

The jaw surgery

Beside those two major procedures, there’s also a big possibility of jaw surgery. Some sources told that Kareena may have jaw surgery too. Because she have wider jaw now. It might be the effect of implants. The chin also got more pointed too. After some years, she got a more “V” face shape.

The improvement on her appearance move boosted her confidence. Even though she has no intention to discuss about her beauty secret, it didn’t give bad thing to her career though. She is still a beautiful and talented Bollywood star.

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