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Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery before and after nose job

In order to get perfect look, many celebrities had gone under the knife. Even though it would take big cost and big risk too, they are not afraid. Moreover, celebrities had no worry about the fund. But they can’t avoid when everything went wrong.  Jennifer Grey plastic surgery case should be an example for many people to rethink about having surgery. Jennifer Grey got unforgettable moment with plastic surgery.

Jennifer Grey is known well as an actress. And her name become more famous after starring a classic movie in 1987 “Dirty Dancing”.

Jennifer grey plastic surgery

Jennifer grey plastic surgery

Unfortunately, the shocking moment came when she decided to go under nose job (rhinoplasty). She actually didn’t know what she will be in the future. She just hope to get better look after doing surgery.

When it was done, she lost her popularity. Due to the nose job, she became unrecognizable. The result of the nose job was not bad. But, her old nose was her trademark. Jennifer didn’t look like the same person they know. And her popularity slowly went down.

Knowing that everything was not as good as she expected, Jennifer ever tried to do the second nose job. She hoped to get the old nose back. But it didn’t happen. She then must start her career from the beginning.

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Surely, she still needs to be grateful that plastic surgery didn’t totally change her look. She just need to be in more natural way from now on. Plastic surgery is not the solution to be perfect though

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