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Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jacklyn Zeman or Jackie Zeman, is another American actress who has past her best career. Jackie has been 63 years old now. She is not young anymore.  She was quite popular for starring General Hospital, as Barbara Spencer.

Talking about her appearance, Jackie has become the people’s attention, due to her unusual look. She probably did some beauty procedures. Sadly, the people noticed it as plastic surgery gone wrong.

Jackie Zeman plastic surgery

Jackie Zeman plastic surgery

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What kind of procedures that she got?

Based on some information, she had botox and fillers injection. And she also got her boobs done. You might see her before and after photos. Some sources told that she did plastic surgery few years ago.

Jackie Zeman plastic surgery through botox and fillers injection

Botox is no longer new thing among the celebrities. They commonly take botox in order to keep them away from signs of aging. Jackie must have got botox. The sign of the procedure can be seen from the surface of her forehead. There’s no wrinkles or lines left. Those signs of aging should have been removed with botox.

Unfortunately, she got an overdone work with botox.  She didn’t look natural. Moreover, the filler injection gave another bad effect for her face. The fillers made her cheek full.

Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery boob job

Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery boob job

Jackie Zeman boob job

another plastic surgery sign was seen from the boobs. Do you see the picture above? You can see that the boobs looked tighter and rounder. The shape of the boobs looked obviously like the result of boob job. Jackie Zeman boob job left a space between the boobs. It appeared unnatural.

Jacklyn might need to stop using plasti surgery to enhance her look. It’s not good deal for her. What do you think of Jackie Zeman plastic surgery? Leave your opinion in the available box.

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