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Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before and After

Korean plastic surgery got high rate of successful surgery. Many Korean people did this beauty enhancements to get perfect look. And commonly, the plastic surgery users got nose job, double eyelid surgery or jaw surgery. Goo Hara plastic surgery is one of the most popular topic in discussion forums. And she is one of few Korean celebrities who admitted having plastic surgery. From a source, Goo Hara told that she did some surgeries including the nose, the eyes and  the mouth. From her statement, we can see that she had enhanced the beauty of her face. You can see how well the plastic surgery were done. That looks significant right? She looks much different from before.

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before and After

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before and After

Goo Hara plastic surgery through nose job

Goo Hara did a rhinoplasty. And the result of this procedure looks pretty obvious. Compared to the previous nose, the new one got slimmer and straighter shape. Goo Hara nose job was done nicely. She must be very pleased with the result.

Eyelid surgery and mouth surgery

The other two surgeries that she admitted was the mouth and eyelid surgery. Surely, these two procedure gave significant change on her face. She got bigger and more beautiful eyes. While, the mouth surgery made her face more beautiful.

Talking about the mouth surgery, it reminded us to another Korean star, Lee Min Ho. Some sources told that he had done something on his mouth, That’s why he looks more handsome now. (Read more about Lee Min Ho Plastic surgery)

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