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F(X) Krystal Plastic Surgery Before and After

Krystal Jung is a member of Korean Girl Band, F(x). And she is also Jessica’s younger sister. Jessica is actually former girl of SNSD.  As a popular star, Krystal has become the people’s attention. Of course, many people are talking about her appearance as well. Some speculations told that  Krystal had gone under the knife to enhance her look.

Based on the news, some procedures that she probably took including nose job, eyelid surgery, and teeth surgery.

Krystal Plastic Surgery Before and After

Krystal Plastic Surgery Before and After

Krystal Jung Plastic Surgery through double eyelid surgery

In Korea, plastic surgery as become a trend. Many people had gone under the knife to make their appearance better. The successful plastic surgery rate in this country is quite high. You might feel amazed and surprised with some Korean plastic surgery cases. Due to its popularity, some celebrities in Korea may have done as well. Krystal Jung was listed among them.

Why don’t you see Krystal before and after picture.

Krystal’s current eyes appeared bigger than before. It indicated the work of double eyelid surgery. Park Min Young, Shin Se Kyung are some other celebrities who might get the same thing. In Korea, double eyelid surgery has been used to make the narrow eyes to be more open.

Fx Krystal Jung Plastic Surgery Before After

Fx Krystal Jung Plastic Surgery Before After

Krystal Jung nose job

Beside her big eyes, Krystal may get something done on her nose too. Compared to her previous nose, the new one looked slimmer with a more pointed tip. It looks nicely done.

Krystal Jung plastic surgery teeth

Teeth surgery

Further, she may have teeth surgery too. It was seen from her perfect teeth. This area looks good. As a performer, the appearance should be the important part alongside talent. However, not all the fans seems agree with the speculation. It was still debatable. Krystal even has no intention to explain about it

Don’t you know that her sister, jessica Jung was also reported having plastic surgery. So that, she looks much more beautiful today.

What do you think of Krystal plastic surgery? Do you have the same opinion? Leave the comment in the available box.

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