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Former SNSD, Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery

Krystal’s older sister, Jessica Jung used to be one of the most popular members in SNSD. She has unique voice and pretty face like a princess of Disney. Unfortunately, now she is no longer in SNSD. For some reasons, she has decided to leave the group and begin solo career. Many fans feel upset with this. Because SNSD is one of the most popular girl bands from Korea.

Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery

Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery

Talking about her appearance, Jessica Jung actually has gone under the knife. She had done some things on her face. You may see the Jessica before and after below.

Jessica Jung plastic surgery through jaw and teeth surgery

If you take a look at Jessica before and after picture, you can see the significant change on her face. The jaw and the teeth should be the most obvious. Jessica has fixed her teeth to be perfect. It must be doctor’s help. Jessica Jung teeth looks so neat and beautiful now.

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Further, the 27 years old actress may have her jaw done too. The shape of her face look more “V”. He used to have bigger jaw. After the jaw surgery, Jessica’s face looks much better than before. Jessica Jung plastic surgery should be one of the most successful plastic surgery in Korea.

SNSD Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery Before and After

SNSD Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jessica Jung Nose Job

Another procedure that she might have was rhinoplasty (nose job). The procedure has refined the nose. And the tip also got smaller shape. It was a nice work.

Even though Jessica Jung has not confirm anything related to her significant change, we can see it obviously. Her sister, Krystal Jung was also said having plastic surgery as well. What do you think of Jessica Jung plastic surgery? Leave your opinion, and don’t forget to share

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