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Draya Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Draya Michele is quite popular for starring a VH1 reality series, Basketball Wives. Earlier she had already become model for men’s magazines.  As a popular person Draya turned into  media limelight. Surprisingly, he was approached by some speculation related to her appearance. Draya plastic surgery topic is quite hot in some discussion forums. Based on the news spread, she may have some beauty enhancements, included nose job, botox, fillers, and even breast augmentation. So far, she just admitted having breast implants.

draya plastic surgery before and after boob job

draya plastic surgery before and after boob job

Draya Michele Boob Job

Reported in makemeheal, Draya had already admitted having boob job few years ago. She got the boob job when she was still a model for the men magazine. Unfortunately, Draya told that she felt regret with the boob job. Draya Michele plastic surgery was overdone. She told the media if her current boobs looked too large for her body. She felt uncomfortable.

draya plastic surgery before and after

draya plastic surgery before and after

Draya Michele Nose Job

Another major plastic surgery that she possibly got was rhinoplasty (popularly known as nose job). Many people noticed the change on the shape of her nose. It might be the result of nose job. However, Draya had denied the speculation. She expressed her feeling in twitter,

“Media Takeout said I got a nose job….I didn’t get a nose job, same schnozz, better makeup”

She claimed that she didn’t do any plastic surgery on her nose. But the picture showed it. Her current appearance looked having straighter and slimmer nose. Don’t you agree?

Botox and fillers injection

Beside those two major procedures, it seems she had the other cosmetic surgeries as well. It was seen from her face, especially the lips. Draya lips looked fuller than before. It appeared more juicy. Juvederm or restylane may have been used in this area. Further her smooth face with no wrinkles may be an indication of botox injection.

What d you think of Draya plastic surgery?

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