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Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After

American Idol, Clay Aiken had interesting story. It’s not only about his talent and successful career as a singer. Many people are also interested in seeing his appearance development. Clay Aiken looks so different now, In this case, some medias and the people assumed about the possibility of lay Aiken plastic surgery. Previously, we had discussed about another American idol, Adam Lambert.

How about Clay Aiken? Did her get surgery too?



The 36 years old singer has changed. He grew as a more mature man, But some people still believed that his different look was not only caused by growth. He may get his appearance done with doctor’s help. Some medias has reported that he admitted having liposuction on his chin. Besides, the jaw surgery and nosejob lo0oks possible too. Don’t you remember how he looked like in the past? he looks much different  now.

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery on Chin and the jaw

Clay Aiken ever explained that he got a liposuction on his chin. It reduced the fat in that area. He has not explained why he did it. But we can see the result. He got different facial shape. Further, we are also pretty sure about the jaw surgery. The size of his jaw is bigger than before.

If this is the first time to see him after years. Than you might feel hard to recognize him. He looked like someone else

Clay Aiken nose job

anoter plastic surgery that looks obvious was the onose job (rhinoplasty). The sign of this procedure can be seen clearly from his face. His current nose looked straighter and slimmer than before. Don’t you see that?

What do you have in mind about Clay Aiken plastic surgery? His different appearance is surely the result of doctor’s help.Leav your vcomment in the availablebox.

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