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Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cindy Crawford is known well as a supermodel. She was even listed among the most successful women in modelling industry. Forbes awarded her as the highest paid model on this earth. And we have no doubt that she had a really nice body shape.

Cindy Crawford plastic surgery

Cindy Crawford plastic surgery

Some of you might dream to have such nice body like hers. Talking about her appearance, Cindy was said having some beauty enhancement to keep her young look. Cindy Crawford plastic surgery speculation raised in some forums. many people are wondering about her beauty secret. Not long after the rumor, Cindy Crawford shared the secret publicly. She told the media that she had botox regularly. And she also consumed some vitamins.

Cindy Crawford Botox

the usage of botox is no longer new story among the popular people, especially in America. Both male and female stars have gone under this procedure. The botox could keep them away from the sign of aging like wrinkles or lines. Cindy Crawford looks enjoying having botox injected on her face. That’s why she no longer has wrinkles or lines left on her face. She looks much younger than her actual age.
As you know that Cindy Crawford has been 50 years old. But she didn’t look much different from her appearance few years earlier.

Commenting her excellent look, Dr. David Shafer feel impressed with the result of the botox. The doctor appreciated about the way she use the botox. It was not overdone. Cindy Crawford looks great for a woman in that age.

Did she get another major plastic surgery? Considering fro her appearance, it seems she has no more major surgery. The botox should be enough for her. With some practices and exercises, she also can keep her body shape perfectly. And we know that she is a discipline woman.

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