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Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery Before and After

The 54 years old, Cheri Oteri looked different from before. Some people thought if Cheri Oteri plastic surgery news might be not just a pure speculation. Of course, this has become warm topic in some discussion forums. Considering from her age and appearance, you might also have the same idea. Nose job, facelift and chin implants were said as the procedures that change her look.

Cheri Oteri is known well as an actress and a comic from America.You might remember her when starring Scary Movies alongside Anna Faris, Carmen Electra, etc. (Read also about Anna Faris plastic surgery)

Cheri Oteri plastic surgery before and after

Cheri Oteri plastic surgery before and after

Cheri Oteri plastic surgery through nose job

nose job (medically called rhinoplasty) has been very popular in America. Some big name in Hollywood had gone under the same procedure. Cheri Oteri looked having nose job as well. The work of this procedure can be seen clearly. Compared to her old nose, the new one looked slimmer with smaller tip.

The facelift and chin implants

facelift is another alternative chosen by many celebrities. Some of them did facelift to keep their facial skin tight and youthful. Some sources told if Cheri may get facelift too. This could be the reason why she got tight skin. He looks younger than her current age, 54. However, some people saw that the procedure just made her a bit unnatural.

Further, she was also reported having chin implant. But, not all the people seems agree with this. Because, the shape of her chin has no significant change. It might be just a pure speculation. What do you have in mind about Cheri Oteri plastic surgery before and after? Leave your comment in the box

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