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Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Photos

Catherine Zeta Jones is a very attractive Welsh actress. You might know her best when she starred an old movie, The Mask of Zorro, 18 years ago. He played alongside Antonio Banderas. Now, Catherine Zeta Jones is 46 years old. Years has past. And she does change. Some medias reported that Catherine has gone under some beauty enhancements. As a popular star, money is no longer a problem. It makes them all possible

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Before and After

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox and Facelift 

In Hollywood, botox and facelift could be said as favorite. Many popular people had gone under the same procedures. The botox could refine their appearance, and keep them away from signs of aging. And the facelift is the major one. Even though it costs much and has big risk, they don’t feel afraid.

Catherine may have botox injection regularly. It’s seen from her face. Her face looks so smooth without wrinkles appears. It could be the effect of botox.

Has Catherine Zeta Jones done plastic surgery through facelift?

This speculation is still debatable. Catherine looks good with her current appearance. but we think that she didn’t get major procedure like facelift. The botox should be enough.

Catherine Zeta Jones Boob Job

Catherine Zeta Jones Boob Job

Catherine Zeta Jones Boob Job and Nose Job

Beside botox, there are two other possible procedures that she got. It included nose job and boob job The changes can be seen in the before and after picture, It looks obvious that her boobs looked bigger and rounder now. The pictures showed that Catherine Zeta Jones breast implants is possible.

While, talking about the nose job speculation that spread, we don’t think that she had done it. Her nose still looks same. It should be just a pure speculation. What do you think of it?

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