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Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Blake Lively is known well as an American actress. She has already starred various titles of movies. Blake Lively is quite popular for her role in Gossip Girl. She played as Serena van der Woodsen. Talking about her appearance,Blake Lively has changed. And it was done with doctor’s help. Blake Lively plastic surgery is no longer new story. There is a big change on her nose. Yes, it was rhinoplasty (nose job).

Blake Lively plastic surgery before and after nose job

Blake Lively plastic surgery before and after nose job

Blake Lively nose job

the nose job is actually very popular in America. Many popular stars had done the same procedure. They commonly did it to get perfect nose. But some of them also did it for the health reason. If you take a look at Blake Lively’s face, you can see the nose job result obviously. Blake’s new nose looked slimmer and straighter than before. Especially the tip, this area looked having smaller shape than she used to have.

Blake Lively nose job was done well. She even looked more confident now. She must be very pleased for what the doctor had done. More importantly, she is not unrecognizable. The nose job has changed her look, but it didn’t make the people forget her. Do you Remember  the case of Jennifer Grey nose job. Jennifer lost her popularity due to her decision to go under nose job. (read more about Jennifer Grey nose job)

What do you think of Blake Lively plastic surgery on her nose? Does she really need to have it?

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