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Bipasha Basu Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bipasha Basu plastic surgery has become hot topic in some discussion forums. Some sources told that she had done some beauty enhancement to get better look.

Bipasha Basu herself is one of the most beautiful actress in Bollywood. The 37 years old actress had starred on various titles of Hindi movies. You might ever watch her in Alone (2015), Raaz (2002), etc. Even though she is nearly 40, we have no doubt that she still looks fresh and attractive. Many men must love her so much. Karan Singh is the luckiest man to marry her.

It’s surprising that Bipasha Basu was listed among the Bollywood star who had gone under the knife. Based on the news spread, it seems she had  2 major procedures including nose job and boob job. Further, she may have controlled the appearance of wrinkles with botox injection.

bipasha basu boob job

bipasha basu boob job

Boob job

boob job or breast implants is quite popular in the world. Many celebrities around the world had gone under the same procedures. Some of them even told that the boob job could boost their confidence.

Bipasha Basu boob job mght be true. You may compare the between the before and after picture. Her boobs size looks different. The nw one look bigger and rounder than before. She used to have smaler boobs. Don’t you agree?

Bipasha Basu Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Bipasha Basu Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose job

Beside the change on her boobs, the shape of her nose may get a rhinoplasty work. Compared to her old nose, the one got straighter shape. Significantly, the shape of her tip got smaller.

Bipasha Basu might be one of Bollywood stars who had gone under the knife. It looks obvious, even though she has not confirmed anything about the surgery she did.

The botox

Keeping her away from wrinkles, should be the main reason of botox injection. She may get this regularly. Many celebrities who is over 30 had gone under the same procedure, botox. It won’t be too surprising if she did it too.

What do you think of Bipasha Basu plastic surgery? Leave your comment in the available box.

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