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Anna Kendrick Plastic Surgery, Fact or Rumor?

Anna Kendrick is best known as an actress. She is also a good singer. You might know her well when she starred Pitch Perfect, as Beca. The 31 years old actress had successfully played the role.  Last year, the Pitch Perfect 2 was released.

Talking about Anna Kendrick’s appearance. some medias reported about Anna Kendrick plastic surgery speculations. As everybody knows. plastic surgery is so close to many celebrities in America. Therefore, some news were asking if Anna did it too or not.

Anna Kendrick Plastic Surgery before and after

Anna Kendrick Plastic Surgery, Fact or Rumor?

Did Anna Kendrick get plastic surgery?

The news of Anna Kendrick plastic surgery speculation has become warm topic in recent years. But, there’s not enough evidence if  she did something to her body. in 2010, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer commented about it. The doctor stated that he didn’t see any signs of plastic surgery on Anna’s look. Anna Kendrick got beautiful and natural look. He just recommended Anna to get botox or fillers injection to keep her beauty.

Anna Kendrick plastic surgery is unproven. Her fresh look should be a gift from God. She actually don’t need any surgery yet. She also has no serious problem with the aging. She is still 31. She must be pleased and grateful for that. Many celebrities had already done surgery when they were over 30. They even got some major plastic surgery like nose job or boob job. Some people are wondering if Anna would do same thing in future. But we hope that she will stay naturally. Surgery is not the last solution to get perfect look.

What do you think of Anna Kendrick plastic surgery? Leave your opinion in the available box.

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