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Anna Gunn Plastic Surgery Before and After

Anna Gunn is an American actress. She is quite popular for her role in AMC Drama, “Breaking Bad“. She plays a role as Skyler White. The opinion about Anna Gunn plastic surgery is actually no longer new story. She has become warm topic since she was satrring that Drama in season 3. Some people told that Anna Gunn looked different.

Anna Gunn Plastic Surgery Before and After

Anna Gunn Plastic Surgery Before and After

Surprisingly, Anna Gunn had denied the speculation. Reported in Inquisitr.com, Anna explained,

“I was actually ill while I was filming the show and it affected my weight… They gave me cortisone and I puffed up and gained weight. Now I’m better, thank God… I’m doing fine, thankfully. I’m feeling really good.”
From her statement, she clearly stated that his puffy face was caused by Cortisone. And she tried to convince us that there was no plastic surgery done.
Talking about Anna Gunn plastic surgery, it was reasonable. Anna looks having fresh and flawless look. Even though she had denied the speculation. Some people still believe that she had done some beauty enhancement. At least, she may have botox injection regularly. That’s why she got a very smooth face without too much wrinkles left.
As everybody knows, plastic surgery is very popular. And botox is one of simple package that was chosen by them. Many celebrities had felt the sensation of botox injection. And they got the benefit from it. Moreover, they are all celebrities who has no worry with the cost. However, some big names had fallen into a plastic surgery gone wrong. Axl Rose, Pete Burn, Meg Ryan are some of them.
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