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Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Angelababy is a popular model and actress from Hong Kong. She is still 27 years old, but the news about Angelababy plastic surgery has become warm topic in Asia. Some medias noticed significant changes on her appearance. And it was a big indication of doctor’s help. If you compared between Angelababy before and after picture, you ight feel surprised.

Some procedures like nose job, double eyelid surgery, and chin implant were listed. Angelababy looks completely different. She looks like someone else.



Angelababy nose job and double eyelid surgery

In east Asia, double eyelid surgery is quite popular. This procedure could make the user’s eyes looked bigger and more beautiful. Some celebrities in South Korea did the same procedures. In this region, east Asia, the people commonly got narrow eyes.  Take a look at the picture. You can see how well the surgery was done. Like a magic, Angelababy got much prettier eyes now.

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Beside, she might also have  a nose job (medically called rhinoplasty). As the result, Angela looked having a more refined nose. The nose job was done nicely.



chin implants?

Last but not least, another work, chin implants was seen clearly too. Just compare the picture. she must have done her chin with an implant. It made the shape of her face different. Her current chin is more pointed.

plastic surgery has been very popular worldwide. Many celebrities dare to spend a lot of money to get perfect look. Even though it will change their appearance totally, Angelababy plastic surgery is a big example. She has changed a lot. She even got different face. She might feel very satisfied with it, In fact. her popularity has been higher too.

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